Everyone loves a day at the spa! That includes your family pet. Let Howlin Hollows pamper your pooch with our dog bathing, furminating, and brushing services. If you are looking for a pet groomer in Birmingham, AL or the surrounding areas, the search is over.

Bathing your dog is an essential service but can be a tricky process if your dog is really big, has long hair, or just doesn’t like baths. Let Howlin Hollows handle it for you. You will never have to worry about being covered in as much water as your pet when the bath is finished.

Have you heard of furminating/deshedding? It’s the process of removing the undercoat of fur so that your pet keeps the shiny outer layer and doesn’t shed so much. If your dog has a problem with shedding, ask if furminating/deshedding could be the solution.

Brushing is an important step in pet grooming. Not only does it keep your pets fur free of debris and mats, it also stimulates the release of oils that keep your pet’s coat protected and shiny. We will make sure to remove any matted tangles and are always gentle with your furry friend.

Contact us today to find out more about our pet grooming services in Birmingham, AL – located off of Hwy 280, I-459 and near The Colonnade and The Summit shopping centers. We are convenient to the Liberty Park, Brook Highland, Inverness, Cahaba Heights, Leeds, Irondale and Mountain Brook neighborhoods. We can’t wait to give your pup a relaxing spa day.

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